How Do The Right Work Clothes Improve Safety?

We often associate a particular set of trade workwear and how it looks with a particular profession, such as the white overalls of a chef, or the bright accents and hard hats of a construction worker.

The right set of work clothes can help to improve safety beyond the use of personal protective equipment (hard hats, face masks, goggles, safety gauntlets, steel toe-cap shoes).

Here are some of the ways the right clothes can help to improve your safety.

  1. Visibility

From the safety hat to high visibility jackets, being seen and standing out on a busy construction site is vital to ensuring the safety not only of heavy vehicle users but also other construction workers, as their presence is easily spotted and reacted to.

This is part of the reason why high-visibility clothing not only is either yellow or orange, colours that stand out more than others but also have reflective strips that make them visible in dark conditions.

  1. Padded For Protection

Work trousers, shirts and jackets are made from durable materials to avoid rips and tears caused by exposed nails, blades or broken glass, but many pieces of work clothing take this a step further.

By adding padding to the elbows and knees of a work garment, it can help reduce joint pain and injuries to the joints in confined spaces, for example where someone may have to enter a crawl space.

  1. Avoiding Loose Threads

Most work clothing is carefully designed to reduce the risk of threads coming loose, as loose clothing and strands can be a potential hazard whilst operating heavy machinery and tools.