How To Stay Warm On-Site in Winter

Construction work will usually mean having to work outdoors in all weather, from baking hot summers to cold, bitter winters, dodging showers all year round, and freezing rain and storms during the winter months.

With forecasts of exceptionally chilly weather on the way, it is a good idea to review how to ensure you stay warm and safe when working outdoors this winter, by making sure you wear the relevant clothing to prevent you from being exposed to all manner of conditions, from arthritis and joint pain to cold sores and windburn.

Here are some tips for construction workers to stay warm on a building site during the winter.

Wear enough clothing

For winter outside work, thermally insulated clothing is the only choice. It’s important to ensure that all of the skin of your body is covered and protected, including your arms and legs. It is a good idea to get them big enough so that you can wear layers underneath while remaining comfortable.

Face and Neck Protection

A scarf is a good idea for protecting the neck, but ensure it is tucked away and does not pose a risk of being caught in machinery. A helmet liner will fit under a hard hat, and fasten under your chin, helping to protect your head, ears, and part of your neck.

Hand Protection

It can be difficult to find the right gloves for construction work, as they need to be heavy-duty and durable, but allow you to be dextrous enough so you can do your job, as well as keep your hands warm.

Foot Protection

The most important thing here is to have waterproof, insulated boots so no moisture seeps in. However, they also need to be breathable, so your perspiration can get out. Wear insulated or thermal socks, and you can even double up on layers.

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