JCB Celebrated Its 75th Anniversary With Commemorative Book

JCB celebrated its 75th Anniversary in October 2020, and to celebrate the life and times of the manufacturer and its iconic yellow vehicles, a scrapbook looking back at the company through the years has been published.

The JCB Scrapbook, published by Porter Press International, looks back at the company from its inception in October 1945 by Joseph Cyril Bamford CBE, through the three-quarters of a century it has been selling construction equipment, trade workwear and supporting agriculture and construction.

Designed with enthusiasts in mind, it contains over 400 photographs, from pictures of restored classic machinery and scale models to rare advertisements and images, some of which have been published for the first time in the book and have been sourced from JCB’s archives.

It also highlights JCB’s pursuit of world records, such as the production of the world’s fastest tractor, and the evolution of the JCB Dieselmax, currently the holder of the land speed record for diesel-powered vehicles.

It also has a particular focus on JCB’s family roots. With Mr Bamford’s son, Lord Anthony Bamford leading the company, there has been a focus on the familial roots of the company, as well as the origins of the yellow colour scheme which has since become a symbol of the company.

The author of the book is graphic designer, writer and photographer Martin Port, formerly the art editor of Classic & Sports Car, a publication he has also written for as a contributing journalist.