JCB Set To Extend Their R&D Facility In Staffordshire

Major construction vehicle manufacturer JCB have applied for planning permission to create a £1.4m extension to their current research and development facilities at Wredon Quarry, Cauldon Low, Staffordshire.

The site, previously owned by Lafarge Tarmac, is already the home of JCB’s workshop and testing facilities, is set to expand further with new technology to test construction machines and trade workwear to breaking point.

JCB bought the site in late 2013, although Lafarge still retained some rights under the agreement.

The application was received by Staffordshire Moorlands District Council earlier in April and will be subject to consultation until the end of April, after which a decision will be made as to whether the project can continue.

The stated reason for expansion is to further develop JCB’s electric construction vehicles, which require additional tests specific to the electric motors used as well as dedicated research facilities.

The company warned in their planning development statement that should the plans to expand the site be rejected, they would be forced to rent test sites at a considerable cost to the company.

As JCB models are built to last, testing is especially vital, and new machines are tested to their absolute limits before being made available to order.

Plans are also in place to construct a tilt table and loading tower to help with testing, as well as adding a mezzanine floor to significantly expand the amount of workshop space available on-site.

As well as seeking permission for the extension, they have requested re-grading of the existing access routes adjacent to the building.