JCB Unveils Revamped 3CX Backhoe Loader

Putting a more modern twist on a machine that has been around in various iterations since 1980, JCB has launched a new 55kW 3CX backhoe loader with an EU Stage V compliant engine.

According to a press release from the manufacturer, the new machine boasts improved operators comfort and ease of use, increased productivity and performance, and a reduced total cost of ownership.

JCB’s latest EU Stage V compliant 3.0L diesel engine replaces the older 4.4L, and the compact engine delivers 55kW of power and 440N of torque, which is a 10 per cent increase over the previous model, plus the smaller capacity and increased efficiency results in a 7 per cent fuel saving.

The 55kW Stage V 3CX includes Auto Stop, which automatically detects when the machine is no longer in use and shuts down the engine. This eliminates engine idling, thus reducing fuel consumption and emissions. 

There is also an Auto 2WD feature which switches transmission from 4WD to 2WD when additional traction is no longer required.

The operator cab has been revised to include a new seat, which automatically detects which direction the seat is facing, eliminating the need to select functions when the operator changes from front to rear-facing potions.

A new three-spoke steering wheel allows for improved visibility of the new front display screen, which ‘provides the operator with increased functionality and increased information’ according to the manufacturer.

There has been additional lighting added to illuminate the cab on both sides of the machine around the step area, and other standard features include rear light guards; a return-to-dig system; front shovel clam cylinder guards; loader pipework; and the loader Smooth Ride System.

You’ll want to look your best and stay safe in your new machine, so shop for JCB work wear online today.