JCB Workwear Presents Stores of Hardworking People: P Quinn Construction

JCB Workwear visits P Quinn Construction to document how their Workwear supports them achieve everyday working success.

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P Quinn Construction are a young and fast-growing company, specialising in golf course construction. Alongside this, they also offer a breadth of additional construction services such as bulk earthworks, civils, forestry and more.

Established in 2017 by owners Patrick and Grace Donnelly-Quinn, the husband and wife team combined their complementary skillsets to offer industry-leading results.

After building high profile golf courses across the UK and Europe for the last 15 years; director and shaper Patrick has a reputation for delivering best in class results within the sports construction world. Patrick brings his wealth of management and construction experience to a range of projects alongside his team of skilled operators.

Grace built her career in the world or marketing and business development, working for some of the UK’s biggest food and hospitality brands. Now in the world of construction, Grace brings her commercial know-how and project management skills to ensure everything runs smoothly, both on the job and behind the scenes.

When it comes to uniform, the P Quinn Construction team are kitted out in a range of JCB Workwear and Safety Footwear.Grace explains: “we’ve been really impressed with the quality of JCB Workwear. In order for us to have happy customers, we need to ensure our team are also happy and safe – and having the right workwear is crucial for this. Working outside in the UK means that the team can face all sorts of weather, sometimes all in the same day! JCB Workwear provides us with options that cover whether it’s hot, cold or raining, and the quality of the clothing means that it stays looking great even after going through the wash.”

Balancing a dual role of operating machinery and overseeing the operations on site, Patrick is often jumping in and out of excavators, and needs workwear that is up to the job. “Comfort is key, especially when we can be working 12 hours a day, it’s important that our workwear is something we’re happy to wear all day. The team are always happy whenever we kit them out with some new JCB Workwear, as they know it’s tough enough to do the job.”

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