Keeping Construction Workers Safe In Winter

The construction industry has had to make many changes throughout the pandemic, and a backlog of projects from then lockdown means that there’s no shortage of work to keep up with.

But as companies strive to hit deadlines, construction firms need to prioritise their workers and ensure they are kept safe throughout the cold winter months.

You will almost certainly already have a range of safety measures in place on-site, but these processes should be regularly reviewed for the change of seasons to ensure workers are as safe as possible. We have a look at some key things to do as winter approaches.

Prepare before winter hits

It’s important to be prepared well ahead of time, and ensure you purchase grit, salt, or sand to make walking on-site safer. Check that machine fluid, for example, engine and hydraulic oil, are rated for the cold weather, and conduct a review of any and all cab heaters to ensure they work.

Prevent falls

Slips and falls are common issues in winter, and not just on construction sites. Take steps to ensure walkways and scaffolding are not icy and slippery.

Provide warm gloves and clothing

Construction work often means workers need to be dextrous with their hands, so it is important to ensure they are warm. Cold hands can lead to accidents and injuries due to slower reactions. It could be wise to ensure you have ample waterproof or fleece-lined reflective coating for workers and encourage them to wear multiple layers to help keep the cold out.

Set realistic goals

It is neither safe nor viable to expect workers to complete projects in the same amount of time it takes in spring and summer. Draw up realistic timetables that account for the cold weather and the hazards it can bring, and ensure employees are not rushing, as it is safer and more productive to take things at a more considered pace.

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