Lego Being Used To Inspire Careers In Construction

A Lego Education Academy certified trainer has been visiting children in schools around Hampshire to help inspire them to consider careers in the construction industry.

According to the Basingstoke Gazette, Stephen Shaw has been doing a tour of local schools, promoting science, technology, engineering, arts and maths subjects to primary school children, providing playful learning experiences using the colourful bricks.

Mr Shaw explained that the children never make the same thing, which is what they want to see, with freedom and creativity both highly encouraged.

He went on to say that the idea is to contextualise learning, with the children discussing the types of buildings that they don’t have in their local areas, so they can then learn about planning, preparing sites and the building process itself.

“We can also teach more complex ideas about sustainability and diversity by getting children to add disabled access to the buildings they create,” Mr Shaw further added.

Lego Education itself has been working with teachers and education specialists for over 40 years, helping to deliver playful learning experiences that really bring classroom subjects to life – which makes learning both fun and impactful.

The framework for learning sees students given the freedom to experiment and explore, while gaining new knowledge at the same time. They’re encouraged to collaborate as they work, facilitated and guided by their teacher. Each task will end with a new one that builds on previous learning experiences to help drive motivation and curiosity.

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