Mark Wright Hires McDonald’s Food Truck To Feed Builders

There are few people as hungry as construction workers who have spent the morning labouring away in all weather, but builders in Essex were in for a tasty treat recently when they were surprised by a food truck.

Reality TV star Mark Wright has recently had a team of builders working on his £1.3 million mansion in Essex, when he decided to hire a McDonald’s food truck to come and feed the hungry workers, according to the Mirror.

Work on the mansion was halted as a throng of builders queued up for the burger van, while Wright tucked into a vegan McPlant burger.

Posting on his Instagram account, the reality star said: “Buzzing to have the @McDonaldsUK McPlant van here on-site to reward the boys for a hard day’s graft.”

He also revealed the latest addition to his million-pound pad, a bar, which he christened by pouring the first pint of Heineken on his birthday, while the builders gathered round, and who encouraged him to knock it back in one.

Wright and soap star wife Michelle Keegan bought their home for £1.3 million, but have set about turning it into a high-tech mansion bristling with security features.

The celebrity couple often post updates about building progress on their home on their Wrighty Home Instagram account.

Each of the property’s five bedrooms has its own en-suite, while three of them have dressing rooms. They have shared computer-generated images of the living room and their en-suite spa area as well as the impressive exterior.

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