New App For Tradespeople Could Earn Them Extra £6,000 A Year

The first fully mobile business app for trade professionals has been launched, allowing them to run their businesses entirely from their phones. The tool is designed to handle the major aspects of business management, such as job quoting, project planning, time tracking, product ordering, stock management, and invoicing.

It aims to save tradespeople four hours a week, which they can spend earning more money. It is also targeted to reduce errors and inefficiencies. Overall, it is projected the average self-employed tradesperson could add £6,300 to their annual income through using the app, according to

The Timter app was designed by electrician Tony Short, who formed Tradecraft Tools with two technology design specialists in 2017. He commented: “I knew from my own experience that there had to be a more effective way to run a trade business. It’s tough to juggle everything you need to do and there were so many inefficiencies in the way I used to work.”

 “Ordering and managing products is time consuming, it’s hard to keep track of your stock and your projects, and paperwork is the bane of most tradespeople’s lives – eating into their evenings and weekends.”

The aim of the Timter app is to address these issues, simplifying the admin work and freeing up self-employed people’s time to practice their trade and earn extra money.

The app has spent three years in research, development, and testing, and is specifically designed to be user friendly, versatile, and mobile. The Timter app is available for free on a 45-day trial, and can be continued to be used with limited features for free beyond this point.

For the full product, the subscription will be £30 per month after 45 days. However, the rate is discounted to £20 a month until February 2022 to help tradespeople recover from the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and beyond this it will be discounted for new start-ups. It is available to download now from app stores such as Google and Apple.

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